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what i've been doing...

finals are coming around. i must admit that i do not have one ounce of motivation at the moment and i need to change that... i suppose it's a normal feeling for this time of year. aside from this lack of will, i've been shredding with the swan thief almost daily in preparation for a few shows coming up within the next few weeks. yesterday in particular was a notably successful and surprising day with the amount of progress we made. i'm actually amazed at us seeing as how we haven't played the songs in about 5 months or so. 

the show in the 15th of june should be interesting... we really shouldn't be playing there due to the types of bands that will be performing (they are notably poppier and lighter than us)... this should make it extremely interesting for the people playing at the show, the people going to the show, and especially us. the 20th will be at the san luis obispo art center and we made it a free show with the hope of attracting a fair amount of people. lastly, the sketchiest and strangest show will likely be the one of the 25th, which is at the infamous z club in san luis. apparently there's a stripper pole on the stage.



looking through the objects of the past...

So this weekend, I decided to head back to Paso like I do once in a while. It was a pretty mellow one to say the least... I got back Friday and decided to linger on my parents' supposedly ridiculously uncomfortable couch and absorb netflix instant view for a few hours... This was a large portion of my day along with a miniscule amount of biology (immune systems in animals to be exact). Anyway, as I was heading to bed that night I decided to bust out the ol' senior year Paso Robles High School yearbook. I never thought I'd actually be glad I finally decided to buy one my last year there. The one strange thing that I did notice however was the ridiculous amount of biblical quotes in the senior pictures section. Why didn't I ever notice this when I was in high school? Maybe I didn't care as much; at that point I was still largely agnostic, and I'd even say open to the concept of religion. Therefore, maybe it didn't bother me as much as it does now? I suppose this is just evidence of how I've changed over the years. I've learned to not be afraid to criticize anyone's beliefs; I feel as though this is one of the only ways to make progress in the world. We can't just leave things as they are and allow people to remain comfortable in their own bubble. People should understand that, whether they like it or not, their actions and beliefs do in fact affect more people than just themselves. The other day I read an intriguing essay about the criticism of religious beliefs. Unfortunately I can't recall the author's name, but that isn't important in this case since it's solely about his idea and not any facts... Anyway, he made the point that we never seem to criticize someone's beliefs regarding physics, chemistry, or biology (and rest assured there are still many different "beliefs" of how certain aspects of each function). We simply take in the facts that they are presenting to us and reply with a way that we support or in many cases (and this is crucial to good science and knowledge in general) criticize their hypotheses. Why can't we do the same with religion? I'm tired of belief criticism being so taboo. I don't know what the problem is really, maybe people just take themselves to seriously? Maybe is discomforting to them to be shown that logic can disprove their beliefs. I really don't have the answer.

I wonder what high school would have been like if I was as vocal about my criticism of religion as I am today. I mean, I recall discussing how ridiculous aspects of it were with my friends but we never got into deep conversation with those kids who attended "youth with a purpose" and whatnot. I suppose we didn't have a purpose because we were heathen atheists so... I really regret not being as vocal as I am now in 12th grade A.P. English, where all we did basically was talk about the struggle of beliefs when we were reading The Brothers Karamazov. Anyway, I'm just rambling now.



holy lameness

is this happening right now? i come home expecting a mellow fucking night and all is well until my roommate gets home and starts blasting some stupid ass world-music-jam-band cacophony. lame. thankfully i'm out of here next month.


this will be finished

It seems like whenever I start a blog now, I never end up finishing it. That's all gonna change with this one. I'm another terrible blogger, so I suppose I'll just talk about what I've been doing as of late...

Just saw Star Trek and I was pleasantly surprised. I have NEVER liked a single Star Trek movie in my entire life, but this one managed to change my mind somehow. I'm not really sure what it was... Oh wait yeah I am, it was the fact that J.J. Abrams directed it. I need not go in to details with this; if you know anything about me then this shouldn't come as a surprise. 

Today was a strange, strange day. The strange part only lasted about 45 minutes but it was strange enough to stick with me for many moons to come. Let me just say that I still smell the formalin on my clothing; I also believe that it has successful embedded itself in my nasal cavity somehow because it is still lingering with me many hours after I left... Yeah that's right, I got to prod around in some cadavers today. Subject 1 was an elderly male, close to 80 or 90 years of age. The strangest part: he was completely devoid of skin. If you've seen the "Bodies" exhibit then you know of the site that i speak. Subject 2 was a middle-aged overweight female (her skin happened to be intact). Surprisingly enough, I didn't really have trouble with the whole situation; the feeling of going to the location of the bodies was actually quite a bit more eerie than actually seeing the bodies. Seeing their figures wrapped in bags was also immensely strange. As soon as the sheets came off however, some feeling of immediate detachment came upon me. I don't even know how to explain it. It's possible that death is such a complex subject that I couldn't really afford to think about it as I was looking; I could merely only focus and become interested in the physical matter that was right in front of me. Still a surreal experience though. At the same time I tell myself that it really isn't so strange or surreal, or that it shouldn't be at any rate. Why does human death affect us in such a strange fashion? It's probably because we immediately relate to it specifically; when we see roadkill, the sensation isn't nearly as taboo or surreal. 

Aside from cadavers, I've been making arrangements to move back to Paso after spring quarter is up. Luckily I've secured a place down here for next fall already. Also, I' m once again seeing Mogwai this coming weekend; beyond stoked. I'll try not to have flashes of human meat as I sit here attempting to study (it kept happening during Star Trek tonight).



the same ol' debate

Evolution V. Intelligent Design (actually I'm not going to give Creationism a compliment and call it something different to disguise it, so it's still Creationism. And whacky at that.) Click HERE to see it.


Brain Parasite Drives Human Culture


fuckers driving cars and fuckers eating tortillas.

I wanted to write about these two subjects since they've been giving me a bit of a hard time the last day or two.

alright so two days ago whilst sitting in chemistry, I heard this dick behind me eating really loud. I would have turned around, although I thought about it too long and if I had turned around, I don't know what I would have said or done. Also, my chemistry class is ridiculously crowded so if I turned around even just to see who the asshole was, it would have been awkward to the max. So I stuck it out the rest of the time.

However, I wanted to see just who this asshole was. To find out, it was easy. All I had to do was sit behind where I did the day before and I hypothesized that he would both a) sit in the same spot or around the same spot and b) be eating something again. Well, this guy sits down and straight up pulls out a solo tortilla... nothing else. It always seems to weird me the fuck out when people just eat tortillas or bread or something plain like that. Really? all that noise for a solo tortilla?

on to other things. on my way to san luis today, a car passed me. at the first instant I thought nothing of it. Then I looked at the back of the car a little harder: present was both a "YES ON PROP 8, PROTECT MARRIAGE STICKER" so I was already a little angry, then I saw a license plate border that said "GOD'S MESSENGER." Wow, I probably wouldn't know how to deal with this person if I tried to have a conversation with them. That's all.